Get your Private Pilot VFR Certificate!

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You will need the following to apply for training:

Through our experiences within the Flight-Academy, a strong desire emerged to do something with the basic requirements that every new virtual pilot encounters.

The Preschool of the Flight-Academy wants to contribute to this and coach everyone who wishes it to the IVAO Private Pilot license.

With the Preschool you are given the opportunity to become an accomplised VFR pilot. Our individual coaching is one of the keys that will enable you to understand good VFR flying and all its intricacies.

Our Preschool FA team will guide you on how to use programs like IVAP and Teamspeak, as well as the basic knowledge on NDB and VOR beacon tuning in your Cessna. Furthermore, we will teach the proper airmanship required for VFR flight.

You may sign up immediately, no entrance exam is required, unlike the Flight-Academy itself.

The Preschool training is concluded with a VFR test exam of the same level as a PPV exam on IVAO. After this your enrollment in the Preschool ends, after which you may choose to apply to the Instrument Flight-Academy which will train pilots further to the IFR Pilot level.

We, our team, are hoping to see you soon at the Preschool of the Flight-Academy, the best place there is to start virtual flying !!!

The yearly (first weekend in November)meeting of the FS-weekend in Lelystad (The Netherlands) is Always a big event with over 3500 visitors from all over the world. India, United States, Poland, Italy, France, Belgium, The Netherlands and several other countries. Our presents is greatly appreciated due our schools and programs.

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To get a better understanding, we have the best DVD for a complete IFR training at our borders. This is a complete DVD tutorial video. Check our Webshop and earn this DVD. You also support our Flight-Academy.